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American Journal of International Law
American Politics Research
American Political Science Review
Annals of the American Academy of Political and Social Science
Archiv des oeffentlichen Rechts
British Journal of Political Science
British Journal of Politics & International Relations
Cambridge Law Journal
Canadian Journal of Political Science
Common Market Law Review
Comparative Political Studies
Constitutional and Parliamentary Information
Contemporary European History
Continuity and Change
Current History
Der Staat
East European Politics
Econometrics Journal
The Economic Journal
Est Europa
European Foreign Affairs Review
European Journal of International Law
European Law Journal
European Review of History
General Report on the Activities of the European Union
Government and Opposition
IFLA Journal
International Affairs
International & Comparative Law Quarterly
International Journal of Legal Information
International Journal of Parliamentary Studies
International Journal of Political Economy
International Labor and Working-Class History
International Political Science Abstracts
International Review of Administrative Sciences
International Review of Social History
Journal of Contemporary Central & Eastern Europe
Journal of Legislative Studies
Journal of Politics
Jus Gentium: journal of international legal history
Law Library Journal
Legislative Studies Quarterly
Leiden Journal of International Law
La Lettre de la Francophonie parlementaire
Local Government Studies
Main Economic Indicators
Military Balance
Modern Law Review
New Left Review
OECD – Economic Outlook
Official Journal of the European Union – wersja polska
Official Journal of the European Union – wersja angielska
Das Parlament
The Parliament Magazine
Parlements et Francophonie
Parliamentary Affairs
Parliaments, Estates and Representation
Perspectives on Politics
Political Insight
The Political Quarterly
Political Studies
Political Studies Review
Political Theory
Post-Communist Economies
PS: Political Science & Politics
Public Administration
Public Administration Review
Review of Central and East European Law
Revolutionary Russia
Russian Review
Scandinavian Political Studies
Schmollers Jahrbuch
Science and Society
Security Dialogue
Theory and Practice of Legislation
West European Politics
Yearbook of European Law
Zeitschrift für Parlamentsfragen
Zeitschrift für Politik
Zeitschrift für Rechtssoziologie

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Congressional Digest
Foreign Affairs
Foreign Policy
Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung
Gazeta Prawna
Gazeta Wyborcza
Gazeta Wyborcza – Archiwum
Legalis – baza
The New Republic
Polska Bibliografia Prawnicza
Rzeczpospolita – Archiwum
The Baltic Times
Wielka Genealogia Minakowskiego – baza
Wprost (aplikacja)