Social History Collection (ZHS) Reading Room

Location: ul. Ludna 4A, 00-406 Warszawa

Telephone information: +48 22 694 25 59, fax:+48 22 694 10 12

Opening hours:

  • Monday, Thursday, Friday 8.30-15.30
  • Tuesday, Wednesday  8.30-18.00
  • Closed in August

Range of services:

  • open access to the reference book collection of the ZHS Reading Room and selected current periodicals;
  • on-site access to material held in the stacks of the ZHS Division;
  • providing information corresponding with the profile of the ZHS Division collection;
  • direct access to the card catalogues of the Division collection and to the computer catalogues and other databases of the Sejm Library;
  • copying of material coming only from the ZHS Division collection;
  • individual loans (only for the deputies, senators, members of the Constitutional Tribunal, Tribunal of State, and also staff of the Chancellery of the Sejm, Chancellery of the Senate and Bureau of the Constitutional Tribunal).

The material ordered by deputies and senators, held in the stacks of the ZHS Division, may be supplied to the Main Reading Room, where, in compliance with the general rules, it may either be used on the premises (e.g. serials) or borrowed (monographs). Items from the ZHS Reading Room reference book collection shall not be supplied to the Main Reading Room.