Sejm Archives (AS)

Location: K Building (Old Deputies’ House), room 443; entrance from 2 Wiejska Street

Telephone information: +48 22 694-24-84

Opening hours:

When the Sejm is in session, external visitors are not admitted to the Archives.

The Sejm Archives collects archival documentation produced as a result of the work of the Sejm and its bodies, i.e. minutes from the sittings of the Sejm, Presidium of the Sejm, Sejm Committees and Subcommittees, minutes from the meetings of the Council of Seniors, documentation of laws and resolutions of the Sejm, deputies’ questions and interpellations, Sejm bills, verbatim reports from the sittings of the Sejm etc., and also audio and video recordings of the sittings of the Sejm and Sejm committees.

The Sejm Archives performs also the function of the archives of the Chancellery of the Sejm.