List of exhibitions


Author of the exhibition script – Jolanta Walukiewicz-Wolfram
Author of the artistic design – Krzysztof Burnatowicz

Exhibition organized by the Museum Content Department and exposed in the Wojciech Trampczynski Hall of the Sejm Building (06.03.1999). Museum objects came from:

Central Archives of Modern Records in Warsaw
Archives of Audio-Visual Records
Archive of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs
State Archive in Katowice
State Archive in Cracow
State Archive in Lublin
State Archive in Poznan
Jagiellonian Library
National Library
Sejm Library
Warsaw University Library
Central Military Archive
Museum of the Polish Peasant Movement
Historical Museum of Cracow
Historical Museum of Warsaw
National Museum in Warsaw
Museum of Independence
Poster Museum in Wilanow
Polish Army Museum
Collegiate Church in Poznan
Department of History of the Peasant Movement
private collections

Phot. Adam Welnicki; the photo collection of the Archiwum Sejmu